Forest Park Swim Club Spring Clinic

Welcome to the 2024 Forest Park Spring Clinic Registration

Forest Park Spring Clinic 2024

We’re excited to start accepting registrations for our 2024 Spring Stroke Clinic! 

After a long winter, swimmers need to regain a feel for the water. Our focus is strictly on technique. One week is spent on each stroke with starts/turns mixed in. The goal of our clinics is to get experienced swimmers ready for the season and new swimmers ready to join the team. While we may be able to take a very small group of beginners, the spring session is NOT a learn-to-swim program, the Flyers Mini practices will be starting in April and the pool will be announcing lessons in the coming months.

Spring Clinic will start on Monday, March 4th, and run for four weeks with the final day being Thursday, March 28th. Some days may need to be adjusted due to high school swim meets. Sessions will run Monday through Thursday, with the option to three or four sessions per week. Groupings are determined by the swimmer’s experience, with Coach Jeff confirming each swimmer’s group placement. 

To provide the swimmers with a small swimmer-to-coach ratio, we limit the total number of swimmers. Participants must be in good standing with the Swim Club and Flyers, and unpaid balances from 2023 must be brought current.

Spring Clinic Details

Dates: March 4 – March 28

Location: Forest Park Swim Club

3 Days/Week – $275
4 Days/Week – $300
$25 Discount for Forest Park Swim Club Members

Jeff Mellinger
Lucia Benavente
Haily Hix
Emma Tayas
Makayla Stewart
Hannah Berg
Emma Meriam
Emily Marques

Four Groups Based on Age/Skill

  Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
Ages (as of 6/15/24) 4 – 7 6 – 8 9 – 12 10-14
Level Swimmer has little to no meet experience. Must be able to swim at least half laps without stopping. Significant meet experience. Has done 25 yards free under 30 seconds. Can do all 4 strokes. New to/needs turn work. Newer to 50’s 50 freestyle under 40 seconds.
All other 50’s under 55 seconds.
Time Slot* 6:00 – 6:45 PM 6:00 – 6:45 PM 6:45 – 7:30 PM 5:15 – 6:00 PM
Clinic Points of Interest Will do 12.5 to 25 yards at a time. Working on freestyle and backstroke techniques. We will teach them the basics of the other two strokes as well. Dives will get work 1-2 times a week. Swimmer will do 25 yards at a time. Work on advanced techniques for all 4 strokes as well as I.M. turns. Turns/Dives will get work 1-2 times a week. Swimmer will do 25-50 yards at a time.  We will work on advanced techniques for all 4 strokes as well as I.M. turns. Starts/turns will get work at least once a week. Swimmer will do mostly 50 yards at a time. Advanced techniques for all 4 strokes as well as I.M. Starts/turns will get work at least once a week.

*Please refrain from changing time slots without giving prior notice as we will have different coaches for the afternoon than we have for the evening.

Questions? Contact Coach Jeff!

More About The Forest Park Spring Clinic 


  • If your swimmer feels sick at all, please stay home. 
  • Parents please refrain from interrupting the coaches or the swimmers during clinics. The swimmers need to be allowed to swim and the coaches need to be allowed to coach.
  • Please pick up after yourselves. Our pool is not open for general use during this time of the year. The more mess is left, the more the coaches have to clean up!
  • If other, non-swimming children are present during their siblings’ clinic, please monitor them closely. We have a large grass area to play in but the coaches cannot be responsible for what goes on there.
  • The baby pool is off-limits.
  • Absolutely NO running on deck.
  • NO horseplay in or out of the pool is allowed.
  • Do not enter the water until your coach is ready for you. When your clinic is over, please get out of the water immediately.
  • Our coaches are on very tight time schedules. They need to leave as soon as the clinics are over for the day. Please do not be late in picking up your child. If you must leave your child there during his/her clinic, please arrive promptly when it is over to pick them up. Since the coaches are often in the water with our clinics, we cannot be responsible for swimmers who are out of the water unsupervised.
  • If you wish to speak with one of the coaches, please do so before or after your group.
  • The coaches need to be able to run their groups free of distraction