2024 Forest Park Swim Club Registration

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Membership Statement

Section 2.1. A membership may be owned jointly by husband and wife, or singularly by husband or wife or unmarried head of
household. All of the rights, duties, obligations and benefits of membership shall insure to the immediate family residing together
with owner(s) in a single household.
Section 2.2. Member(s) shall designate family members (Limited to (8) eight) each year upon payment of membership dues.
Designated family members shall enjoy all rights and privileges of membership.
Designated family members must be related to Member(s) (as a child, stepchild, adopted or foster child, parent.)
Section 2.2.1 Member(s) may, as one of the eight designated Family members, designate a childcare provider who shall enjoy all rights
and privileges of membership during the course and scope of performing duties as a childcare provider for a member.

As stated in the ByLaws, ARTICLE VII: Section 4 - No member shall be deemed in good standing, unless and until the records kept by the Treasurer reflect such member has paid in full all dues, work party fines, penalties and assessments levied in accordance herewith. Members whose dues are two (2) months in arrears shall be notified in writing by the Board of Directors. Unless approved by the Board, Failure to pay dues within thirty (30) days of written notification shall result in the membership reverting to the corporation without remuneration.