Welcome to the 2024 swim season! We are excited that you’re interested in joining us and looking forward to another fun season full of swim! We are pleased to announce a new program that offers swimmers 15 – 18 a chance to help coach our Mini-Flyers program. Accepted applicants will receive free registration with reduced splash fees (if applicable). If you are interested in hearing more about this opportunity or applying, please contact the Flyers team President here: president@forestparkflyers.com.

At Forest Park, we strive to make our dues affordable for all families. Although dues have increased from the 2023 season, we are confident you will find these rates competitive with surrounding swim teams. Dues must be paid in full by Saturday, May 20, 2024, or an additional $50/swimmer fee will be incurred. All dues must be paid in full by June 30, 2024, or the applicable swimmer(s) will not be allowed to continue on the team. Swimmers are allowed a one-week trial period with the team before all obligations are due.

Associate Members are those who join the pool for the exclusive purpose of participating on the Swim Team. They can use the pool and facilities only for practice and Swim Team events. Those who are associate members may not stay for recreational swimming after practices or meets. Full membership to the pool is $670 for the season, approximately April – September.

*Each family is responsible for a $200 job deposit check and a $150/swimmer (max $450 per family) fundraising deposit. These deposit(s) will be returned upon fulfillment of these obligations.

Mini-Flyer Program

Mini-Flyers is designed for the purpose of preparing young children and new swimmers to advance to the swim team. Mini-Flyer coaches will work with up to 3 children at a time. All potential Mini-Flyers will need to attend a tryout before the season starts. Tryouts are currently scheduled for Friday, March 31st and Saturday, April 1st. Mini-Flyer dues are the same and they participate in all of the same activities as the rest of the Swim Team except for the following:

  • Mini-Flyers are not required (but encouraged!) to Fundraise.

  • Mini-Flyers are not required to fulfill job requirements unless they join the team, and then their job requirements will be prorated for the remainder of the season.

  • Mini-Flyers will not be assigned buddies unless they join the swim team.

Fundraising Obligation

Because the cost to run the swim team exceeds the amount collected from swim team dues, an additional
$150.00 of fundraising must be earned for each swimmer up to a maximum of $450 per family. Fundraising
applies to pool and associate member swimmers. Fundraising dues are collected at registration and are returned
to families if fulfilled. The deadline for fundraising is July 15th. Fundraising opportunities are briefly outlined
below, but more information will be available as the season progresses.

  1. SWIM-A-THON: This is our biggest fundraiser and all swimmers are encouraged to participate! All
    participants will receive an incentive prize for participating, and additional prizes based on the total
    amount raised for each swimmer. Each swimmer collects sponsorships from friends and family and then
    swims laps for a specified period of time based on their age. At the end of the event, funds are collected
    from sponsors. All funds will be applied against a family’s fundraising obligation.
  2. Raise Right: Raise Right is an app that allows participants to purchase gift cards/scrip from hundreds of
    retailers, and a percentage of the purchase is donated back to the team. The app can be downloaded
    from the Apple or Play stores. The enrollment code for FPST is: H19GLU75LSCQ