Welcome to another fall of our Dragonflyers program starting Sept 7th! The program is split into three sessions. Session 1 runs from September 7th to October 13th. Session 2 runs from October 17 to November 22nd. Session 3 runs from November 28 to December 22.  We are excited to continue our full Mini-Flyer program in the fall run by Forest Park alum Kelly Boland!

The Mini-Flyer program is designed for any swimmer that is not ready for meets, or swam in only a couple.  We will likely need to do an evaluation prior to fall commencement to assess readiness/ability.  

We will be offering three or four-day options for all age groups except for the Mini-Flyers which are three days only.

There will be some drop-in Saturday stroke clinics for a small fee. When we need to cancel for smoke, we will use Remind to send out alerts. Fridays and Saturdays will be utilized for make-up days.

We start out the first few weeks with mostly technique before we add the endurance work. Drills will still be mixed into every workout to keep/make stroke technique sharp. We also include time for turns/starts/underwaters. The rest of the workouts will be devoted to training and building a base the kids will be able to utilize from day one of the next summer season. We want to let them experience more than just the traditional rec. swimming events. There will also be a lot of fun and creative practices such as “Spare Change Day”, “Meet Day”, and “Nightmare on Flyer Street.”

Session 1 (five weeks): 9/7 – 10/13
Session 2 (five weeks): 10/17 – 11/22
Session 3 (four weeks): 11/28 – 12/22 (TBD)

Mini Flyers: Monday/Tuesday/Thursday | 4:50-5:20pm
8-Under: Monday-Thursday | 4:00-4:45pm
8-12: Monday-Thursday | 6:45-7:45 pm
12-Up: Monday-Thursday | 5:25-6:45pm

Fees (per session):
Mini Flyers: $200
8-Under: Three Day – $225 | Four Day – $250
8-12: Three Day – $225 | Four Day – $250
12-Up:  Three Day – $250 | Four Day – $275

*Times, dates, and program details are subject to change

Fall Meet Information

  • Each fall, we host a meet with Rancho San Miguel. The meet date will be Saturday October 15th. We want swimmers from both the first and second session to participate. This is a great chance to try out different events and swim in your age group for 2023.
  • This fall, Blackhawk and a couple of other teams will again be hosting free-of-charge invitational meets. These were a lot of fun last year; we encourage our swimmers to do at least one of these meets.


Additional Information

  • If you are traveling outside your area, even for the day, please take extra precautions! It will help ensure that our kids and coaches stay safe.
  • If your child does not feel well, please let us know and keep them home.
  • Mini-Flyers and 8&unders will frequently use fins. Although we do have some fins, we do not have enough for everyone. Swimmers are encouraged to bring their own fins.
  • Please pick up after yourselves. Our pool is not open for general use during this time of the year. The more mess is left, the more the coaches have to clean up!
  • If other, non-swimming children are present during their siblings’ clinic, please monitor them closely. We have a large grass area to play in but the coaches cannot monitor it.
  • The baby pool is off-limits.
  • Absolutely NO running on deck.
  • NO horseplay in or out of the pool is allowed.
  • Do not enter the water until your coach is ready for you. When your clinic is over, it’s time to get out.
  • As it will begin to get cold out during our clinics, please provide your swimmers with warm clothing for them to wear before and after their sessions.
  • If you wish to speak with one of the coaches, please do so before or after your group.

NOTE: We apologize but we are currently at capacity, but will be working on securing more instructors.  Please register here to be added to the waitlist, or check back for updated Mini Flyers or 8U availability.  Thank you!

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